Testimonials for Coach Karie Kaufmann  


“In our first year working with Karie, our business grew by 28%.
She has since helped us hire 2 new team members, enabling us to get to new levels of growth.
Last year, we increased our revenue by another 41% – while taking off more time than ever before!”

-Casey & Erin Ralston, Ralston Team Properties


“I was referred to Karie by a good friend who was being coached by Karie and saw great results. I was ready to take my business to the next level, so I set an appointment for a consultation. From our first meeting, I knew she was the perfect coach for me.

In our first full quarter of working together, my leads increased by 300% over the previous quarter… and that was just the beginning. Over the past 2 years we have quadrupled the business, hired 11 new team members, and implemented systems that have allowed me to take tons of time off with my family.

Karie provides the wisdom and resources, as well as asks the right questions, for you to make the best decisions for your specific business and remain accountable for your “action” steps.”

 -Julie Seal-Gaustad, Mirus Promotions


“Karie is my business coach and although we’ve just started a formal coaching program together, I had attended her workshops and speaking events for years because I got so much value from them. Now that I’m a coaching client, she has jumped into the “trenches” with me and is helping me make immediate improvements in my business processes. For instance, Karie gave me one creative idea that has saved me HOURS of personal time, as well as several hours of staff time. CHA CHING. She is currently helping me systemize my sales and hiring process as well.

Having a coach like Karie that can give you real life advice, recommendations and systems for business is paramount. She’s not your average business coach – she’s the real deal! I highly recommend.”

-Michaela Keilty, Dynamic Marketing


“It was easy to decide to work with Karie once I was presented with the success rate of her clients and also learned how she was successful in her own right. After working with Karie for only three months, we increased and then reached our year end revenue goal one month ahead of schedule and went on to surpass it. Over the next year we increased our annual revenue by 240%, then doubled again the following year!

Although I’m extremely happy and excited about the incredible revenue increase, Karie helps me feel in control of my business instead of going along for the ride and this is a priceless feeling.”

-Abhay Schweitzer, Techne